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Posted By Greedy Cat on Feb 15, 2015 |

For those who have any concerns about her welfare I would like to make it very clear that, all joking aside, Greedy Cat is a well looked after and well loved pet.

I rescued her in 2006 and you can read more about that in her blog article on The Amber Cat.  She shares her house with me, 2 other cats and a small, elderly, blind dog and she is very much the leader of the gang.

She suffers with a mystery skin condition which makes her rip her face apart.  This can happen in a matter of seconds and her protective collar has to go back on straight away.  This picture was taken in 2012 when she’d had a sudden relapse.



The ‘cure’ means she is on steroid tablets permanently.  Because the steroids make her hungry she managed to put on a lot of weight.  So unfortunately she has been on a diet for several years and this makes her extra hungry.

She is fed high quality cat biscuits that are hypo-allergenic, wheat, dairy & beef free.  Cats get wise to tablets so hers are dispensed in a small blob of paté that glues them together, so she can swallow the whole lot in one go.

I first became aware of her strange tastes in food when I had a poorly hen.  To encourage the hen to eat she had been brought inside and offered all kinds of goodies; sunflowers seeds, cherries, sweetcorn, lettuce etc.  Greedy Cat had jumped up onto a chair to see what was going on.  She saw food and, wanting to get involved, started to climb onto the table itself.  I said to her “It’s only lettuce, you won’t want any” whilst putting a piece near her to sniff and discount.  Instead she ate it.

So I grabbed the camera….


Other weird taste discoveries have largely been made when something is accidentally dropped on the floor.  Only recently have I been trying her with things just to see if she will or won’t eat them.  She is only given a very small portion of the food.  She will never be given anything that might harm her, such as chocolate.

As she takes steroids daily she has to have 6 monthly vet check-ups.  She is very healthy otherwise.  At her last visit in 2014 the subject of her age came up and how we don’t know what it actually is.  The vet had a good look at her teeth and said she would be about 15 now.

She is a wonderful, loving, friendly cat and I’ve been very lucky to have her in my life 🙂

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