Feeding human food to pets is not generally a good idea.

The only reason I know Greedy Cat will eat the things she does is because she has managed to grab hold of them herself at some point.  Her strange appetite is driven by her medication as explained in About Greedy Cat.

The following foods are considered toxic for pets:

  • Alcohol – highly poisonous and can kill because only a small amount can have a devastating effect.
  • Grapes & Raisins – can cause kidney failure.
  • Coffee, Tea, Energy drinks, Cocoa etc. – the caffeine in these drinks can be fatal.
  • Chocolate – the toxic part is theobromine, which can cause abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures, and death.  Theobromine is even found in white chocolate but the darker the chocolate the more there is.
  • Sweets, Gum & Various Processed Foods – anything sweetened with xylitol can cause an increase in insulin circulation.  This will cause the pet’s blood sugar to drop. Xylitol may also lead to liver failure within only a few days.
  • Trimmed Fat – from scarps can cause upset tummies in pets.
  • Bones – these can choke a pet or splinter in their digestive system causing obstructions or lacerations.
  • Raw Eggs – possible food poisoning from bacteria like salmonella or E. coli. Avidin, a protein in raw eggs, interferes with absorption of the B vitamin biotin, which can result in skin & coat problems.
  • Raw Meat & Fish – may contain food poisoning bacteria.  Contains an enzyme that destroys the B Vitamin thiamine leading to major neurological problems, convulsions & coma.
  • Dog Food – though not toxic as such it is not suitable for cats to eat as it is nutritionally deficient for them.
  • Liver – a small amount is fine but too much can result in vitamin A toxicity, which can adversely affect bones and even death.
  • Yeast Dough – this will rise in the pet’s stomach and cause intense pain.  The alcohol that is produces as the dough rises can lead to alcohol poisoning.
  • Human Medicines – these will cause poisoning in your pet so keep them hidden away as you would for children.
  • Tuna – a small amount occasionaly should be fine but regular feeding of tuna will lead to malnutrition and can even cause mercury poisoning.
  • Onions, Garlic & Chives – in all forms can lead to anaemia & upset tummies.
  • Milk & Other Dairy Products – cats are generally lactose-intolerant and will suffer upset tummies.