Food Sounds

Posted By Greedy Cat on Jan 28, 2015 |

T here isn’t any food left lying around here often so I do have to rely on my human to bring me nibbles.

Well she doesn’t need to bring me food as such, I am always on the case.  Another of my great skills is my ability to detect food sounds.  If I hear one I will be under her feet in a flash.

In case anyone else needs this skill here are some of the sounds to listen out for:

  • human walking into the kitchen
  • fridge door opening
  • saucepans clattering
  • plates clicking as they are grabbed from the cupboard
  • packets being opened
  • cutlery hitting crockery
  • sharp knife on chopping board
  • someone else’s identification tag hitting crockery or a metal pet bowl
  • microwave door being opened
  • utensil draw being opened
  • freezer door opening
  • anything hitting the floor in the kitchen
  • voices in the kitchen, which means a possible soft-hearted visitor
  • any other sound in the kitchen not already listed above


If my human has guests I invite myself to dinner but they rarely set a place for me.  When I say “rarely” I mean never.

If anyone needs to leave the room at any time they always say “watch my food”, which is silly because I’ve got my eyes on all of it.  It’s at this point I soon find myself lifted to the floor in some kind of great panic.

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