Episode 10 – Carrot

Posted on Nov 2, 2015 |

Episode 10 – Carrot

And here we go with number ten.  I’m on a roll for now, hope I can keep it up!

Today started out strangely though.  I had my 6 monthly trip to the Vets today.  It makes a change having a ride in the car, I quite like it.  Anyway, it was a new vet I saw and she was very nice 🙂  I noticed some dog treats on her desk too.  Unfortunately the distance between the table I was on and the desk was too far for a jump.  But then I spotted a safe route to the food.  I climbed onto the windowsill, walked towards the desk and then climbed down onto it.  And no one stopped me, result!

I got to the dog treats and thrust my head into the container.  I’d barely got a good sniff of them and I was yanked away and put back on the table I had travelled from.  Why all this was laugh out loud funny I cannot imagine.  It seems the vet didn’t realise I like dog treats and not just cat ones.

Something else that puzzled me was the celebratory atmosphere when I got on the scales.  And I do mean “got on”.  I like sitting on scales so I pop myself on them.  Apparently the ‘diet’ is working and I know way 4.7kg.  I really am on that seafood diet – I see food and I eat it!  I had been over 8kg and apparently that wasn’t good.  I’ve been losing weight for 4 years now, nice and slowly.  Getting under 5kg is a great achievement it turns out.  For me it just means less food, so I cannot see how it is good or worth practically high-fiving over :-/

Aside from that it was a pleasant visit.

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Film ten features Carrot – will I eat it???

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