Cat Napping

Posted By Greedy Cat on Jan 28, 2015 |


fter food, and my human of course, the thing I like next best is sleeping.  There are several good pet beds around the house and more than enough to go round.

However, the best kind of bed is a warm one.  So I am very skilled at evicting others from a bed if they have warmed it up for me.  I use a special ‘sit on them until they wake up & run away’ technique.  This does not always work as you can see in the picture below.


I think they had some crazy idea that because it was 2 against 1 they would get the bed back.

I do sometimes share though.  I was even sleeping with the blind dog at night for a while, but I pushed her out of bed and it turns out that’s a serious offence.  I am not allowed in the kitchen at night now.

I tend to sleep quite lightly.  I am always on full alert for food sounds.

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